Cooking Up a Feast

I’ve been having a short one week holiday-break from school. Yes, there is homework to be done, but today I actually had a break- catching up with friends at a Catholic Study Centre. The centre is run by the Opus Dei for women and young girls , and is like a second home to us, where we have activities, retreats, recollections, talks, can study or just hang out.

This afternoon we got to spend some time cooking. We made tuna sushi rolls, tortillas, orange-juice-onade (hehe), brownies, hot chocolate and Indonesian pandan pancakes. ^.^  We experimented and did quite A LOT of tasting, but most of all we had fun.

I also learned later on, that it was the 29th of September the Feast Day of the Archangels: Michael, Raphael & Gabriel. This gave us even more of a reason to celebrate and feast together! (Especially since my friend and I shared the name: ‘Gabrielle!’)

God Bless.


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