Cupie Doll

I adore Cupie dolls!  So much so that a few years ago I started a collection of them. Cupies with baseball hats, miniature cupies, very old cupies….but for some reason most of them disappeared. (they must have been misplaced in the donations bag) Since then I’ve been trying restart that collection. I looked everywhere, Op Shops, Toy Shops, $2 shops, but they were no where to be found. I then resorted to eBay, but at the time that I searched the dolls were not of great quality and were still quite expensive.

Yesterday as I was walking home, I decided to visit our local Salvos store (one of the best shops around) Out of the blue I decided to have a look at the toy section. It took about two minutes when I came across little Cupie over here  —>

*IMAGE- My Cupie/Kewpie Doll- *
My Cupie Doll

And guess how much I bought her for? $2 (BARGAIN!!)

Looking back I can probably say that I’ve owned just about 5-6 dolls like her during my life, but each had the same grim fate…they were used as a bath-toy either by myself as a child or by one of my siblings, which would result in the doll being damaged by mould. I know now to never allow this to happen.

I’ve noticed that different variations exist in the way the name is spelt, Such as: Kewpie, Kupie, Cupie etc. I’ve been wondering, is there a distinct way to spell her name?
How do you spell her name?

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