Review: North & South – Episode marathon

If you haven’t already noticed,
I am a die hard fan for any GOOD Period Dramas. Tonight mum, my sister and I are visiting a friend to have a North & South (BBC, 2004) marathon. My sister and I own it on DVD and have watched the series several times, but oddly enough my mum hasn’t sat down to watch it with us yet. So our friend decided that we must have a girls night and watch all 4 episodes.

North & South is the story of Margaret Hale, a young woman from the South of England who is forced to move with her family into the Industrial town of Milton in the country’s North. There she meets John Thornton, a wealthy businessman and proud owner of a local cotton mill – on first acquaintance Margaret witnesses an event in which she sees Mr. Thornton act in violence towards a worker,  from then on she holds him in ill-favour.
The mini-series has a gorgeous soundtrack, beautiful costumes and great acting. The story includes a mixture of themes that concern the social issues associated with Victorian England and (of course) romance<3. The series has even been referred to as the Victorian version of Pride & Prejudice, due to the very similar core storyline about first impressions.
I am yet to read the classic novel by Elizabeth Gaskell (it’s in my bookshelf!) but I hear that it is a fantastic read.
I highly recommend this series for adults & teens.
In Australia, North & South is rated PG for Mature Themes and Low Level Violence. There isn’t any inappropriate sexual scenes/references, which is great, but it does have a few distressing scenes/themes that may not be appropriate for children. All four episodes together, run for approx. 260 minutes.
If you haven’t seen the series yet, I  really encourage you to –  it is quite dramatic and will have you hooked ’til the last scene.

Once you’ve completed watching, maybe return here and comment your thoughts? If you have seen it, feel free to comment here about what you love about this series!

God Bless.

Gabby x

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