It’s Over!

The 2012 Year 12 exams have concluded, which means that I have officially finished school FOREVER! Woo-hoo! The whole year had build up to those final examinations, so now that they’ve  passed is like a breath of fresh air.

Leading into the exams, I spent about a month at my Grandparents house. Doing this allowed me to re-focus and re-organise myself  far away from the internet’s clutches (because Grandma & Grandpa’s place = no internet whatsoever.) I had time to sit down and revise everything without stressing too much – they let me spread all my work all over their dining room table which, when I did, looked like a bomb hit it. Grandma & Grandpa even drove me to my remaining classes AND to every exam with time to spare. It was lovely to spend time them, they were so good to me. Break time was spent either watching Old movies on Fox Classic, Grandma’s Bollywood DVDs (Aishwarya Rai and Aamir Khan FTW!) or lifestyle programs with my Grandma  –  andof course munching on her Anglo Indian cuisine. We also had a few short items, my favourite when we bought 3 new fan-tail goldfish for Grandpa. Going to Mass at their newly re-built parish Church was also a lovely treat ( built in a style quite similar to an old country church.)

Grandma’s meat curry with, dosais & salad

Sitting here now, thinking about how it’s all over just feels crazy. I don’t have anything school related nagging me. It’s pretty amazing how all the study notes that I invested so much time into + all those expensive text books can go from being so extremely important throughout the year, and then when exams are finished BAM! they’re just pieces of paper to be recycled. (O.o)

From gold to garbage

I have so much more time and I don’t know what to do with myself. I guess now is the time to do all the things I’ve been so avidly planning on these past years. I need to help out at home (of course), catch up with friends who I felt I haven’t seen in decades (hehe) and indeed, get a job. Oh! and Christmas is on it’s way with Advent beginning this Sunday, so there is know doubt of the upcoming busyness  (in a matter of days, I dare say.) Christmas cooking/craft here I come!

But  for now it’s just time time to relax.
Watch out world,  Gabby’s Back!!
God Bless!


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