Pilgrimage 2011

Isn’t it lovely when you get to spend time with your true friends?

 *IMAGE -Pilgrim's Primer -*
The Pilgrim’s Primer – contains Prayers, Hymns and other material which concern the Christus Rex Pilgrimage.

A few weeks ago I unexpectedly, got to participate in the annual Christus Rex Pilgrimage once again, and while I was there I had the chance to catch up with a bunch of good ol’ friends and make new ones.

The pilgrimage itself is beautiful, like a taste of heaven! You get to pray, to sing, go to confession,attend the gorgeous Latin Mass on each of the 3 days. You can really feel Jesus’ presence throughout the whole of the 3 day journey. Yes indeed, the walking is quite exhausting since it covers almost 90 km, (Ballarat to Bendigo, the majority traveled on foot) but this year I even found the exhaustion refreshing, a sacrifice for Christ The King (Christus Rex!)

Getting to spend time with my beautiful friends was a fabulous. They’re all the type of people you can talk about anything to, whether it’s serious matters, random interests or jokes, and you know that you’ll never get interrogated for what you say (and if you do it’s all in good humour XD).

This year’s experience, in particular just gave me this sense of belonging to something big and fantastic; the feeling that there’s so many people out there just like me living the faith. I really thank God for that.

I really hope to participate in the Pilgrimage next year, I’m just praying that my Year 12 final exams don’t clash with the dates 🙂

God Bless you all.

Gabrielle (aka gabblemac)


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